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Infant Oral Mutilation Prevention Training in Kagera Region – May 2022

Bride2Aid Australia is providing training that will stop a practice called Infant Oral Mutilation in rural Tanzania. The program was developed with a local dentist in northern Tanzania to address this very damaging practice that is carried out across much of East Africa.

Infant Oral Mutilation is a practice where a very young and ill child is taken to a local healer. If the healer can feel the ‘tooth buds’ of the emerging canines through the child’s gums, then they may diagnose these as ‘plastic teeth’. To prevent the illness getting worse it is thought that the ‘plastic teeth’ need to be removed. This is done using the very basic tools that a local healer has, most usually a sharpened bicycle spoke.

Using this unsterilised tool, with no efficient way to stop any bleeding and no form of anaesthetic, the tooth buds are taken out. This is painful, dangerous and sometimes deadly. Often both the infant tooth buds and the tooth buds that will develop into adult canines are removed at the same time, so the patient will never have canine teeth. It’s thought up to 2.5 million children undergo this practice per year.

The May 2022 Kagera Region program follows the successful program in Mara Region of Tanzania in February 2022. Both of these are northern regions with a very high prevalence of Infant Oral Mutilation.

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