What if your child had toothache and no hope of help?

Toothache - it's effects are agonising, constant and debilitating

bridge2aid work to address the causes of poverty in some of the poorest communities in the developing world

Our vision is a world free from dental pain, but we need your help!

Welcome to Bridge2Aid Australia

Click Here to read about our Infant Oral Mutilation Prevention Training in Kagera Region.

Bridge2Aid Australia – freeing communities in the developing world from chronic pain by teaching vital new skills to rural health workers.

Over 70% of the world has no access to any form of safe treatment for oral diseases and infections. People are abandoned to agony for months and years. They face life-threatening infections and pain that is so severe that they cannot work, go to school or feed their families. Our unique solution is providing intensive practical training to existing health workers in emergency dental skills to treat and educate. Our training is delivered by expert volunteer teams. Initially we have developed our programme in rural Tanzania, and our long term plan is to roll this training out to any country where there is a need.

Bridge2Aid Australia believes that everybody has the right to safe emergency dental care.

We are a global charity – since 2004 our sister charity Bridge2Aid UK has provided training which has given access to safe emergency dental care for over 4 million people in Tanzania. They have done this through sending volunteers from the dental community to train rural health workers. Bridge2Aid Australia was founded in 2016 to add the passion and power of Australian volunteers and fundraisers to this amazing project. Together we are saving lives and freeing millions more from the prospect of misery and pain.

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